In order to visually enhance my temperature logging I added some Javascript that computes sunrise and sunset for the 24h, 28h, weekly and monthly chart. Then I use this information to plot vertical bands on the chart indicating the effects of the sun on temperatures (and humidities): To add the bands to your Highchart just get the sunrise and sunset value for a particular day and push it on the xAxis.

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**tl;dr Checkout the charts on my RaspberryPi ** For quite a long time I was looking for a way to monitor and record th temperature and humidity at my apartment. What was missing was a convenient, preferably wireless solution. After receiving my RaspberryPi I started to look into that more intensively. USB-WDE1 Receiver The USB Weather Data Receiver USB-WDE1 wirelessly receives data from various weather sensors of ELV at 868 MHz.

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