After three great days at the PyCon US 2017 in Portland, OR Hendrik and I decided to participate in the development sprints succeeding the conferece. The code sprints are an essential part of PyCon, and a chance to meet some of the maintainers and contributors of various open source projects. For us it was the first time attending a code sprint. The day before the sprint there was a session helping people to set up Git, Python (including virtual environments) and getting familiar with version control.

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After collecting some photovoltaic data using PikoPy and a some readings from the residential meter it was time to put everything together. The data is collected by a couple of scripts triggered by a cronjob every five minutes. $ crontab -l */5 * * * * python /home/solarpi/ */5 * * * * python /home/solarpi/ */15 * * * * python /home/solarpi/ The results are then written into a SQLite database.

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