After three great days at the PyCon US 2017 in Portland, OR Hendrik and I decided to participate in the development sprints succeeding the conferece. The code sprints are an essential part of PyCon, and a chance to meet some of the maintainers and contributors of various open source projects. For us it was the first time attending a code sprint.

The day before the sprint there was a session helping people to set up Git, Python (including virtual environments) and getting familiar with version control. We both volunteered to be a mentor of the session. It was pretty cool to see people having a working environenment and running first git commands at the end of the session.

PyCon US 2017 Flask Sprint Sign

On the first day of the sprints we deceided to sprint on the Flask project. The sprint was led by David Lord who is one of Flask's core maintainer and the release manager. At the beginning all participants went over the list of open issues on GitHub and picked one that they felt they could resolve. I chose to DRY up the test cases. After the end of day two my PRs were all merged and I was pretty happy about it. Finally, we all went to have dinner and get some Asian chicken wings.

PyCon US 2017 Code Sprint Dinner at

For the last two days I decided to sprint on the Pandas and Maya project.

In total Hendrik and I managed to resolve 7 issues in total. And along the way we had some great discussions, face-to-face meetings and a great deal of learnings.