PikoPy: A python package for working with a Piko Inverter from Kostal

The first step of my plan, building a Raspberry Pi based photovoltaic monitoring solution, is finished. I created a python package that works with the Kostal Piko 5.5 inverter (and theoretically should work with other Kostal inverters as well) and offers a clean interface for accessing the data:

import pikopy

#create a new piko instance
p = Piko('host', 'username', 'password')

#get current power
print p.get_current_power()

#get voltage from string 1
print p.get_string1_voltage()

The next steps are collecting the data and processing it.

The library can be downloaded from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pikopy
The code is on Github: https://github viagra en ligne achat.com/Tafkas/KostalPikoPy

  • Daniel Jordan

    I would like to use your app. Can you help how to setup ? I have installed all libs whats are needed. When i try to start it i have this error:

    /home/pi/solarpi# python manage.py prod

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “manage.py”, line 9, in

    from solarpi.app import create_app

    File “/home/pi/solarpi/solarpi/app.py”, line 5, in

    from solarpi.settings import ProdConfig

    File “/home/pi/solarpi/solarpi/settings.py”, line 7, in

    class Config(object):

    File “/home/pi/solarpi/solarpi/settings.py”, line 8, in Config

    SECRET_KEY = os_env[‘SOLARPI’]

    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/UserDict.py”, line 23, in __getitem__

    raise KeyError(key)

    KeyError: ‘SOLARPI’